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A Thomas Plant Hire is a well established company with a long history of specialist plant hire and cable installation. Our cable installation is primarily in conjunction with wind farm technology.

The equipment we use together with our highly skilled teams to operate the equipment leads to fast, efficient laying of cables and more importantly minimal ground damage. The mole plough method is now used with more and more regularity in mainland Europe for the applications listed below.

·Embedding of utility pipes, such as e.g. telephone cables, power cables and gas, water and sewage pipes up to 250 mm on unpaved terrain.
·Low ground pressure due to special undercarriage for bogs and therefore usable on very wet terrain.
·Complete sand-embedding of the utility pipes or cables during installation.
·Pipes embedded by ploughing down to a water level of approx. 1.5 metres.
·We look for European-wide applications and find transportation solutions.

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